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Gifting Services

What gifting services do you offer? 

We currently have a selection of ready-to-order gifts for a variety of occasions available here on our site.  In addition, we work with wedding, event and corporate clients to design, create and deliver gifts especially for your specific occasion.

More details, please!

  • Weddings:  We work with engaged couples, wedding planners and venues to curate boxes, bags and baskets to welcome your guests and attendants to your wedding weekend.  We'll work with you to create beautiful wedding welcome gifts that are completely customized for you, your wedding locale and your favorite items.

  • Corporate:  We work with business clients of all sizes to design custom gifts to show appreciation to your customers, employees, candidates or event attendees.  We'll work with you to make sure your custom design is is a perfect reflection of your brand while also saving time, stress and money for your business and employees.

  • Everyday:  We offer a selection of curated gift boxes and personalized gifts on our web site, where you can take advantage of custom monograms, handwritten notes and no minimums!

       For more specifics on our custom gift services, please visit the "How It Works" page.

Are there minimums for your gift orders?

With our custom gifting services for wedding and corporate clients, we do have minimum quantity requirements based on the type of gift it is.  There are no minimums for gifts available on our web site.

How much notice is required?

We ask for a minimum of four to six weeks for custom gifting projects.

Can alcohol be included in gift boxes?

Shelburne Gift Company holds a retail liquor license from the State of Vermont, which permits us to include wine and beer in our gift designs.  Because all spirits are regulated and sold only through State of Vermont liquor stores, we are not permitted to include hard alcohol in our gift designs.


If we are delivering gifts containing alcohol to your location, please note that you will be required to have an individual age 21 or older on hand with ID to receive the gifts and to sign off that they are of legal age to do so.

Please be advised that venues often will have their own rules when it comes to allowing alcohol to be delivered in gift boxes.  While we work one-on-one with each venue to determine their individual policies before presenting gift designs that include alcohol, it's often a good idea to check with your venue in advance of planning your welcome gifts in order to avoid snafus or disappointment.

The shipment of gifts containing alcohol is regulated by the state to which they are being delivered.  Please note that many states, including Vermont, do not permit the shipping of alcohol to addresses in their state.

Can items in custom gifts be changed?

Items in custom gift orders can be changed up to 30 days prior to delivery date.  

Please note that there are occasions when items we've included in a gift design are discontinued, retired or otherwise become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control.  In the event that this happens, we will notify you a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event to discuss reasonable substitutions.

Invitations & Stationery

What is the turnaround time on invitations?

There are many variables that affect the turnaround time on invitations, from the scope of the project to the vendor printing the invitations.  With simple party invitations that we print in house, we can usually get something into your hands within just a few business days.


Wedding invitations, on the other hand, are usually a much lengthier process involving multiple considerations, many pieces and so forth.  With wedding invitations, depending on variables including the client's response time in reviewing and revising proofs, here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • Time from first appointment to placing the order:  this is entirely dependent upon you!  Some clients review their options, choose a design and place their order all at the first appointment.  Others prefer to come in multiple times to make sure they've considered all of the possibilities before they place an order.  Either way is perfectly fine!

  • Time from placing the order to receiving the first proof:  Usually 1 to 3 business days

  • Time from approving the final proof to receiving the final product:  Again, this depends on variables including the vendor and the printing method; however, it's usually about 10 to 14 business days.

When should I order my wedding invitations?

With the considerations mentioned above, selecting and perfecting your wedding invitations can be a process that takes a several months (although it does not have to!).  In order to give yourself enough time to go through this process, address and mail the invitations, gather your guests' responses and meet any deadlines for final counts with your caterer or wedding venue, we usually recommend that you begin the process of looking at invitations a minimum of six months before your wedding, with a goal of getting them into the mail a minimum of three to four months before the wedding.

How much should I budget for my invitations?

Ah, our favorite loaded question!  We often tell our clients that this is like asking how much a new car is going to your preference for a Ford Escort, or a Mercedes Benz?  The true answer to this lies strictly with your own personal priorities and preferences; however, we do advise our clients that wedding magazines and web sites often seem to recommend allocating an unreasonably small portion of your budget for paper products (and then showing off the super high-end letterpress suite with multiple cards and pocketfold envelopes!).

One of the benefits of working with a personal stationery consultant, as opposed to jumping on a web site to place an order, is that we can often advise you on various options and tweaks to save dollars while still getting you the invitations of your dreams.  We pride ourselves on being respectful of your budget and working with you to find the perfect fit!

For more information on things to consider, check out our blog post called, "10 Things to Know Before Ordering Your Wedding Invitations."

Shipping and Delivery

How are gifts delivered?

Based on the size of the gift order, we will hand deliver custom orders inside Chittenden County.  Outside of Chittenden County and inside Vermont and upstate New York, we will hand deliver gifts with delivery charges based on the project, location and number of gifts.  Outside of these areas, we will ship via Priority Mail; other shipping options are available based on individual needs.

Can I pick up my gifts?

Sure!  We are happy to schedule an appointment for you to pick up your gift order at our studio, located at 2538 Shelburne Road, Suite 100, in Shelburne, Vermont.

How long to your online gifts take to ship?

Generally, our online items are available to ship in 1 to 3 business days from receipt of the order.


How is payment handled?

We accept all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover), as well as cash, check and Paypal.  For custom gift orders, we require a non-refundable deposit of 50% at the time the order is placed and the remaining balance 30 days prior to delivery.  For custom invitation orders, we require a deposit of 50% at the time the order is placed and the remaining balance at the time of pickup.

Returns and Cancellations

What is your return policy?

Due to the custom nature of our gifts and stationery, all orders are final sale.  If an items arrives broken or looking less than stellar, or if you are less than satisfied in any way, please contact our owner, Tracy, at (802) 985-8732 within 48 hours so that we can see how to make it right for you.

What is your cancellation policy on custom gifts?

In the event that the order is cancelled, full payment minus any deposits paid will be refunded up to 14 days prior to the delivery date.

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