Our "Salute" to Wedding Planners!

One of the great pleasures that 's come from our transition away from a storefront and into an artisan gifting studio is that we've come to work much more closely with so many incredible wedding professionals who call Vermont home. And none have been as critical to the growth of this new phase of our business than the many talented wedding planners we've had the joy of working with. These individuals have the vision to bring a couple's dream to reality and the organization to manage all of the details in the process. They amaze us each and every time! In the coming weeks, we'll be highlighting some of these pros and chatting a bit with them about themselves and their experiences. We hope you enjoy meeting them! We kick off our series this week with a lovely lady named Claudia...

Meet Claudia Rollin, Harlow & Dahlia Events How did you get into wedding planning? I had been in corporate marketing and event planning in my prior career in the corporate world with a few businesses. Between the experience working on events and trade shows there, and friends asking to help plan their weddings (in addition to planning my own), I began doing enough wedding planning that the next logical step was to brand and file for a business license. What are the biggest challenges of your industry? I would say the biggest challenge in our industry is adapting to ever-changing world trends, such as building sustainability within our industry and adapting to the new tools technology is constantly providing to businesses and industries such as ours. It is important that we as vendors embrace these global changes and translate them into our local markets. What's been the scariest moment you've experienced at a wedding? We had a groomsman faint during the ceremony on a hot summer day! Luckily he recovered within minutes, but that was quite a memorable experience and one that trained my team for just about anything. Fortunately, he turned out to be just fine! We now always highly recommend that our bridal party is fully catered to include hydration and food leading up to the wedding ceremony! What advice would you give to someone getting into the wedding industry?  Lead by the power of your own creativity and your client's vision! Trends will come and go, but a classic and strong design will always be memorable. What is something most people wouldn't know about you?  I can speak three languages!

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