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Why Hire a Gifting Service for Your Business?

Sometimes people have a hard time wrapping their heads around “why” someone would use a gifting service. But once explain all the reasons that our clients choose to work with us instead of doing it themselves, it becomes a little more clear. Let us count the reasons!

  1. It’s time consuming and challenging to come up with ideas that are creative and thoughtful while also being professional. A gifting service can take that off your hands by consulting with you about your business and your brand, learning about your gift recipients and doing the brainstorming for you! We’ll do the work to come up with the concept, contents and customization that will communicate your message in a way that’s personal and memorable.

  2. Gift creation, assembly and delivery are time consuming and messy. From sourcing gifts from multiple vendors to tracking shipping and receiving to building boxes and keeping it all organized, our clients always have better ways to spend these hours.

  3. No one seems to have extra employees sitting around these days! If anything, everyone is strapped for manpower as well as hours in the day. A gifting service can save employee time spent creating, sourcing, assembling, packaging and wrapping gifts.

  4. Shipping and delivery is a project in and unto itself! Whether you need all of your gifts delivered to one office, or you're shipping to clients or remote employees all around the country, a gifting service will eliminate the worry of how gifts will be transported and delivered.

  5. Gifting services can also handle the management of gift lists for businesses who may not need a bunch of gifts going out together, but may want things sent one at a time. This is a great option for business like realtors, wedding vendors, home builders, interior designers, mortgage lenders and countless others. We can keep your gifts on hand and send them out for you on an "as needed" basis, and we can even provide you with a private web page for your ordering.

  6. We're often asked, “But won’t that cost waaaayyyyy more than doing it myself?” And certainly it WILL cost a bit more than doing it yourself – there is a value involved, after all, in taking it off someone’s hands -- but people are often surprised to learn that it may not cost WAY more. When you consider that a gifting service can purchase items wholesale, in bulk and in other ways that the average consumer may not have access to, you might be surprised to learn that the cost may not be THAT much more than putting them together yourself.

  7. You can support local businesses…not only ours, but all of the local Vermont companies that we incorporate into our gifts and into our everyday business practices.

If you know a business owner, sales manager, HR director, marketing head, executive assistant or other business types who may like to send gifts to their clients or employees, but don't have the time or wherewithal to tackle the project themselves, please send them our way!


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