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Why Use a Gifting Service?

Vermont Wedding Welcome Bag with local Vermont specialty food items like chocolates, cards, cookies, local wine
Vermont Wedding Welcome Bag

When I first tell people what our business does -- that we design, create and deliver custom gifts for weddings, events and corporate clients -- sometimes I think that they're a little bit puzzled. I imagine that their first thought is often, why would I hire somebody to do that? And that’s a great question!

Certainly there are scenarios where people can very easily handle their gift giving themselves. But there are other circumstances where it can get a little overwhelming, for a variety of reasons. So I thought it might be nice to provide you with a little “food for thought” on why we do what we do, so that if there’s someone in your world who can use a little help in this department, you can send them our way!

First and foremost is that we live in an age when people are busier than ever. Whether you’re a small business owner, a manager of a company, or a busy bride who’s trying to juggle a job and other responsibilities while planning all of the details of your wedding, thinking about the whole process of coming up with ideas for gifts for your clients or employees or guests, then finding them, then packaging or wrapping them, then making sure they get where they’re going…it can all get a little overwhelming. So probably the number one reason that people hire us is to save them a lot of time.

We can also save people a fair amount of stress. While certainly there are brides who can’t wait to dive into the project of shopping for items for their gift bags and putting them all together, there are certainly many who just can’t wrap their heads around that whole process. And this is definitely true for busy business people who think they’d like to do something a little more special and creative for their clients than a gift card or a polo shirt, but they’re not quite sure where to begin, and they certainly don’t have the extra hours in the day to do the research. We can get creative for all of you!

Did we mention that gifting in quantity is messy, and takes up a fair amount of space? Let's say you have 100 employees or guests at your wedding, and you’d like to give them all a lovely curated gift box. You need some room for this project, and it’s going to make a big mess of your home or office. We have the space and the supplies and the manpower to tackle big projects like this when you don’t want them in your office or living room. Believe me when I tell you that shredded paper gets EVERYWHERE!

Then, there is the matter of getting gifts to wherever you want them to go. Maybe you’re having a wedding and you have guests staying at three different hotels. We can take care of that for you. Maybe you’re even traveling to Vermont for your destination wedding and you don’t have room in your car for 50 or 100 gifts along with all of your other wedding gear. Let us take that on for you! Or, maybe you’re a business person hosting a conference at a hotel in another state and you haven’t figured out how to travel with or ship gifts. That’s. What. We. Do!

Lastly, I know that people often think that using a gifting service is going to cost way more than doing it yourself. And while I will say that it will cost you more than doing it yourself, it won’t cost you WAY more. When you take into consideration that we can buy items at a discount...we can buy things like packaging supplies and ribbon in bulk...and we have resources for personalizing and printing things at reasonable prices or right in might be surprised to learn that the cost of our gifts may not be that more than what you could put them together for yourself. And when you calculate the cost of your time and stress, often it becomes a no-brainer.

So there you have it! Just a few reasons to consider outsourcing your next project to Shelburne Gift Company. We work with all sorts of fun products and companies, and we’d love to help you get creative and look like a hero to your clients, guests or employees. Plus, we’re a small, local business right here in Vermont…even better! So if there’s someone in your world who’s facing a gifting project and is a little worried about it, or maybe they’re just looking for some new ideas and options for their gifts, please ask them to give us a call!


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